no-dam-graphic-webThe Indiana Archaeology Council opposes the proposed Mounds Lake project because of the devastating and destructive impacts it will have upon the unique earthworks known as Anderson Mounds within Mounds State Park.

The Anderson Mounds are listed in the National Register and represent one of the best preserved earthwork sites in Indiana. Because several of the earthworks are located at or near the bluff edge, the headland erosion that will result from wave wash will ultimately destroy earthworks and other sites located along the bluff. In addition, the lake would allow unregulated access to the earthworks and encourage looting and other damage.

There are many other archaeological sites, both known and yet to be discovered, within the lake footprint including perhaps hundreds of prehistoric Native American habitations, several Delaware villages, a Moravian mission site, an Amusement Park, the White River Canal,  and others.

Because of the loss of irreplaceable archaeological sites as a result of not only the impoundment caused by the Mounds Lake project but also future destruction by shoreline erosion, the members of the Indiana Archaeology Council are adamantly opposed to its development.

Click on the link below to listen to an interview with Beth McCord and Dr. Christopher Moore who discuss the shared and conflicting interests that are at play with the proposed Mounds Lake project.